About company

The company “Hercules” has been working at Ukrainian market since October 1997. During this time the company has been going a long way, beginning from a group of enthusiasts, inspired by the idea to restore branch traditions, to a big company — one of the leaders of Ukrainian market.

Everything has begun with a noble aim — to revive national manufacturing of good-quality products. Several years of hard work of a professional cohesive team have created the companys character and given the opportunity to use modern technologies and best equipment for producing a wide range of products.

Today “Hercules” is one of the leaders in semi-finished products and ice-cream production in Ukraine. Thanks to a broad assortment and a wise combination of traditional recipes, the production of PJSC “Hercules” has earned trust and appreciation of Ukrainian customers. Peoples love is supported by an authoritative opinion of many experts — products picked up awards many times: “Choice of the year”, “100 best goods of Ukraine” and also lots of gold medals and diplomas of professional tasting competitions.

In 2002 a big family of “Hercules” was joined by PJSC “Donets city milk factory 2”, created on the basis of a rather well-known enterprise in Donetsk region. Over the years of its existence, the plant has approved itself as a manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality dairy products and still remains one of the largest Ukrainian dairy producers. Nowadays, the factory has its revirescence — more than 300t of milk is processed on the modern equipment and more than 100 of different products are produced every day.

A steady progressive motion enables “Hercules” to reach significant success and become one of the Ukrainian leaders in the field of foodstuff.

It is a serious work of people which stands behind all these achievements, work of people who are united by common goals: stable production of high-quality products, total corresponding to consumers demands and responsibility for reaching results.

Dynamic and successful development of the company and its achievements depend, to a great degree, upon a high-level management, which includes long-termed strategic planning, accompanied by detalization, which is implemented on the basis of continuous monitoring of market, consumers demands and fundamental analysis of actual company development. Investment strategy of the firm involves investments not only in production and line extension of output products, but also in development of distribution on the whole territory of Ukraine.

The accumulated experience of various projects enables us to look optimistically into the future and to believe in that all our plans will be executed in time, qualitatively and with minimal coasts. One of the guarantors of all this — is companys staff. Competent and qualified specialists with a huge work experience in the company “Hercules”. The stability of the company is also provided by staff consistency. Care for all employees and their material well-being, arranging conditions for professional growth is a priority task of companys management.

The company “Hercules” has come to the market for a long period and is opened for everyone. We believe that we will contribute to the prosperity and strengthening of Ukrainian economy.